About Us

About Us

The place to sell your stuff...

Soko 24/7 is an online Ndonyo, Gikomba or Marketplace for auctions, stores and classifieds. 

We provide access to markets, services and economic opportunities for individuals, small and large businesses. Within Soko 24/7, thousands of people around the country and the world connect online to sell and buy goods and services. 

The most difficult roadblock for individuals and small businesses in Kenya is accessing information and markets for their products or services. Another problem is having to deal with middlemen and brokers who cut into their profit margins. Our aim at Soko 24/7 is to provide easy access to markets where sellers can deal directly with potential buyers.

How Soko 24/7 works

Registration first.

Then, like any other marketplace, a user who wants to sell goods or services can list their item for sale on the web site. The seller sets a start time, end time, pricing information and provides a detailed description together with images for the item they are selling. Other users can then browse these items and contact the seller of the items they are interested in. The Soko 24/7 system simply puts the buyer and seller in contact.

If there is an agreement between the buyer and seller, they can conclude the deal between themselves (which normally involves arranging payment and shipment of the goods purchased).

Soko 24/7 does not sell any goods itself but only provides an online platform to facilitate trade between buyers and sellers.
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