Frequently Asked Questions

How to Register.

Registration is easy. Simply click the register/sign up link and fill out all the required fields - name, address and account details. Once you finish and click submit, you will receive an email with a link to verify registration and that is it. You will then be able to go to members area where you can manage your account as you like.

How to sell or list an item.

Click any of the buttons for sell or add classified and the system will automatically guide you through the listing process.

The system will prompt you to select a category and sub-categories, then it will guide you to select whether you want to list your item on auction, as a product or as a classified add.

Once you have selected the listing type, the system will require you to fill out the details - title of your product, details of the product, amount you are selling it for, the duration of the listing, the shipping information i.e. whether the buyer picks up the product or whether you will be delivering it by post or courier.

The listing process is very easy once you become comfortable with it.

Once you are done setting up your ad, it becomes available for viewing and buyers can contact you in the members area or directly through the contact you provide.

NOTE: Soko 247 does not get involved in your interaction with buyers. We only provide a venue/marketplace for you to find buyers.

Is there a fee on the site?

We only charge certain categories. You can check the details by clicking the "site fees" link at the bottom of the page. The site also charges if you want your product to be featured on the homepage. Listing on other category pages is free. For classified ads, we charge a flat fee of Ksh.500/= and the listing is for 1 month.

Can I Own a Store?

Yes, you can own a store and setting it up is easy. Simply click on the "open a store" link and the site will guide you through setting up your store e.g. choosing subscription of store type/size, giving your store a name, and providing a description of your store i.e. what you sell and specialize in, etc.

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